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Calculate your current age from your birthdate to any date.

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How to use Age Calculator?

Calculating your age with quicktoolz's age calculator is super simple. we made this tool as simple as any child can also use and get their age without any trouble. to calculate your age you simply need to select the date, month and year of the birthdate from the inputs on the site, and with lightning speed, the tool will calculate your age and display below the date you have entered. it is so simple, right? Yes, it is, we also really love this age calculator and use it frequently to get the age of our loved ones.

When you can use the Age Calculator?

Age calculator is just a name, but there are multiple uses of the tool. here we listed some.

  • Calculate the age of the person from their birthdate
  • Calculate the number of days, month, and years count from a specific date
  • Calculate the age of the product from the manufacturing date
  • Calculate the age of the item from the date of its purchase